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Well, here I am, all tests carried out for today, all ready for my big day tomorrow, the start of my Lymphodema and Lipodema  ‘cure’….accompanied for today by my lovely husband, Steve.


We arrived at the hospital, and were greeted in excellent English by a charming Mongolian lady, called Tuya. She explained everything that was going to happen over the next few hours and stayed by our sides as each test was carried out.

First, we were taken up to my private room, with an en-suite shower room. The Korean style is country floral and subtle coloured wallpaper, with a wooden style floor. So, the pretty quilt comforters and little pillows are fine with me.

But I’m not so sure about spending the next 14 days on a hospital trolley/gurney- where are my European style comfy beds? or the large hospital beds with big squidgy mattresses to prevent bedsores?

Luckily, Dr Shim changed this for me. As there is a bed in here for Steve, space was tight, but it’s fine now.

At least there are 2, so Steve can stay over at the weekend with me.

The bathroom is Korean style too- a lovely heated toilet seat to give my nether regions a warm winter glow and a shower over the handbasin, wet room style.

There’s plenty of storage, but it does look a little like a student’s room, none matching Formica! The view outside is the windows of building next door and a car park, with a warning alarm for pedestrians each time a car comes out onto the main road. This could be interesting as I sleep with the window open and lots of fresh air coming in, but time will tell.

There’s a tv, dvd, telephone, fridge, kettle and nurses bell, but I’ve bought my own entertainment, my Ulsan girl friends have stocked me up with English DVDs and my music is playing in my headphones, I have my ipad and an English magazine and some books…I’m fine!

The nurses looked me up and down and made an assessment of my pajama size- “extra largee!” ( I’m an English size 12-14)  Well, the Koreans are a petite lot, and I do struggle with some items back in Ulsan, so it wasn’t too unexpected!

The tests commenced, with a swift efficiency and there was no unnecessary waiting. The clinic areas were all of a high standard and equipment looked as it should do.

I had urine, blood, xray, MRI, CT and sonograph checks, then the areas on my legs to be worked on were marked with a felt tip pen.

Afterward, I told the surgeon he must get a good night’s sleep as there was lots for him to do tomorrow…! he laughed, I’m pleased to say..I was serious, though!

So, after some lunch and all tests completed for the day, my translator left us and I was clear about tomorrow… no food or drink after 10pm tonight and Dr Shim would be ready to start at 9am tomorrow.

The nurses are all lovely, smart in their uniforms and ready to help. Nurse Hyun Hwa is a little older than me, but so helpful and found me a comfy chair to sit in so I can put my legs up and type. Its a padded office style chair!

All’s well for now, apart from one curious fellow inpatient, she keeps wandering past the door, peering in. As much as I’m happy to make friends with fellow patients,  we English like a little privacy, so the door is now pulled to!

So, I will be back to update you in a few days, I’m going to watch a film now- I brought lots of stuff with me, but forgot the handbag at the end of this post – damn!

…. good bye for now, my fellow Lymphodites!