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Well, so far, so good! All is well.

I slept well and felt much better for it.

Today is much a repeat of routine from yesterday, but I now need to get walking, to move that lymph grunge out of my legs!

The walking has commenced…Lady Gaga is keeping me company and giving me a beat, but my walking ‘app’ isn’t picking up my soft shoe shuffle, so I cant measure my steps and it’s a little hard with lots of absorbent towels and dressings on to stride out with a purpose.

I’m aiming for 10 laps of the corridor every other hour.
I was dreading the leg squeezing.. I know it had to be done, but hey! It was so much better this time!

The people down there said hello and I made them laugh when I was saying no no no! and we waved good bye.

The dressings were changed swiftly and the ‘toothpaste squeezer’ was fast and deft. Plus, I knew what to expect. My feet got a much needed refreshing wash, too, they are still brown from the iodine, so look like I have some kind of fungal infection in my nails. These things are so important at the time, maybe its a girl thing.
I managed to sit up and see my legs- they are looking so much better!

My Lymphodema is relatively mild, compared to some of those on facebook support pages, but I think that will help make this procedure successful. I have been lucky enough to be able to do this before its become too bad to deal with. I doubt that this would work for those who have heart problems causing the Lymphodema, or are carrying a large body weight load, as you need to be healthy enough to cope with the operation in the first instance. But I’m not a medical person, I could be wrong! Dr Shim has shown me some amazing recovery pictures of some cancer patients and even a narcotic leg that looked like an urgent amputation case- but the stem cell therapy saved it. I think he has hit upon an amazing discovery- and I am filled with hope for fellow Lymphers….

So, whilst on my travels, I took some pictures of the other wards.

I’m pleased I’m in a room on my own, with my own bathroom, which is lovely. My bed was changed to the one I was expecting- here it is! Its so comfortable!

Steve will be here tomorrow, I’m so looking forward to seeing him.

The nurses are looking after me so well, I couldn’t ask for better care.
They were a little concerned about me not eating much, my appetite is low but I still think I’m eating more than I would do at home. I walk around 10-15km each day with the dogs and of course I’m not burning those calories off.
Koreans don’t ‘do’ sticky puddings, but look what the nurses gave me today! They are so kind!

I was ‘face timing’ with my sleepy daughter in the UK ( night time over there)and her and one of the younger nurses were waving to each other- how amazing is that?
She is 8,000 miles away, but still able to do that in real time!

Okay, I’m off for a cup of tea! ( Its just English tea- honest!)