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Yesterday’s low day is long forgotten, so much better today!

Firstly, a whole 50 minutes in the pneumatic compression machine- it feels so soothing!

Then, a trip to the MRI machine to try to locate the damaged saphenous nerve in my left knee. It wasn’t possible, but no worries, at least we tried.

Then- these little beauties arrived! I love them!

They are just like SPANX- so comfy. And a little zip at the top to help get them on, with an aerated sports fabric at the gusset- all made to measure!

The SPANX distributor is in the same district as the hospital, so, I wonder….but they are more expensive due to being made to measure.

You can see my right leg is still slightly larger than the left one…

I’m quite excited about this evening – Dr Shim has finally managed to get his first patient to come in for a sonograph to check on progress and to allow me to talk to her.

I can’t wait to find out what she has to say! Apparently she’s fairly fluent in English, so I’m sure I will gather the correct information from her.

If you have read some of the ‘off page conversations’ we have had on this blog, it is agreed that there is no clinical evidence of a ‘cure’ for Dr Shim to hang his hat on, so I’m very interested in helping him out with that side of things whilst I’m here, for obvious reasons!

I have found a quality of life survey on limb Lyphoedema, so he can start to build a qualitative (proof from people’s testimonials ) audit trail which can be used before treatment and after.

For the clinical ( medical proof) evidence, the tool of choice is not clear, as a Lymphiscintigraph, will show where lymph fluid is backing up behind the valves, or leaking out via a break. It is anticipated that the stem cells are more likely to create numerous tiny vessels, rather than fill the hole or create a new large vessel. Therefore it will not show a positive, the only thing it will clearly show is a negative – whether there is still pooling fluid, or leaks into surrounding tissue. It is also a painful procedure, with a special dye injected in between the big and second toe. ( I haven’t had one done)

In addition, I have created an audit trail checklist for him, so he can tick off the collection of the documents he will need for every patient he has done since this first one.

If its 28, then we need all 28 sets of documentation, cured or not cured….!

Dr Shim has all his case notes and pictures as well, so if anyone can think of anything else that constitutes ‘evidence’ of 100% repair by say, month 24 since treatment, please let me know!

I would think that if someone has managed to not ‘feel the need’ to wear compression garments after 12 months since their treatment, that is also good additional, but not ‘stand alone’ evidence- do you agree?

It’s been me- me- me  for a while – now its them- them – them!

The clock is ticking- she will soon be here- drop back by again to tomorrow to hear what she had to say and I will also have an update on the young man- he had his second operation today.