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After a good night’s sleep, I woke refreshed and a little more mobile.
My compression garments just need a slight adjustment at the ankles, so I was more than happy when they came to collect them and they have been returned the same day.

Hospital life is quite formulaic and each of the days run in to one. I’m feeling institutionalised!

I wasn’t sure if it was Tuesday or Wednesday, but the sun was shining, I put some clothes on and I asked if Tuya would be able to escort me to a café or restaurant at lunchtime, I needed something more than hospital food!

I had a tasty crispy pork cutlet with rice and some mild curry sauce- my taste buds were satiated again!

I then had a wander around the streets in Gangnam– I will take some better pictures tomorrow to show you what its like outside.

After a while, I came back and crashed out for an hour or so- sleep is always a good healer.

Then Dr Shim bought a potential patient up to meet me. My heart went out to this pretty lady, with long wavy shiny hair, who has LE in her right leg. The fluid collection appears greater in her thigh, so I’m not sure about the gravity aspect, but she was having lymph fluid escaping from some very personal areas, which must make life so terribly miserable.

I saw the fire in Dr Shim’s eyes as he wanted to rise to the challenge of solving or at least reducing this unpleasant and soul destroying side of Lymphodema for her. I so hope he can help.

From a feminine perspective, this one must be very distressing.

Anyway, I said I would update you on the 2 other cases today…

The 26 year old boy has had a second operation to correct the arterial/veinous malformations in his lower right leg and Dr Shim is pleased with his work. This means that the blood will now flow correctly and nourish the tissue normally. Over the next few months, the blackened flesh will be replaced with proper skin.
The next operation is Liposuction, to reduce the bulk of his limb and the stem cell therapy. This will be in a month or so.

He is busy scooting about in a wheelchair tonight and his friends will take him outside for a change of scenery.


This boy has no means to pay for all of these corrective surgeries, he only has a little job, as his mobility is so limited, he cannot sustain a responsible job. I understand his mother is a poorly paid waitress.

Dr Shim is picking up the tab for now, but my mind started ticking over on ways that could help….its still ticking! Any thoughts anyone? I have a plan… but it’s still cooking and may not materialise yet, as it depends on someone else.

And finally, last night’s meeting with Dr Shim’s first patient…

Her operation took place in April 2012. Her condition has been stable, but she said she was wearing compression garments still and the sonograph showed minimal escaping lymph fluid still present, but in a very limited area. The limb showed a small increase in volume since the previous measurement.

The options were to:-

  • Take no further action, continue to wait and return in 3 months
  • Look at another small liposuction operation to extract and re-inject some new stem cells
  • Consider some hormone injections to re-stimulate the stem cells already present.

She’s a busy lady and needed some time to think about which course to take, so I don’t yet know what she decided.

So, Dr Shim and I were quite disappointed with her update, as we both anticipated her declaring that she was compression garment free and fluid free, may be a little longer is needed, or one of the other options.

Not deterred by the slip back, he is going to try to locate another ex-patient before I go back on Sunday who can tell us that they feel they have been successfully repaired and no longer need to wear compression garments.

I hope I can give you some solid, positive confirmation before then. We all need it….