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A fairly quiet day for me today, a gentle stroll around the markets and shops, with a coffee break before heading back.
I’m in Gangnam! Its not the main part, though, this particular area is famous for all its speciality hospitals, focussing on one part of the body, or dealing with one type of disease.
Anyway- here’s a few photos. Its very similar to home, in Ulsan, being the older part of the town. I only saw one other Western face, but most of the others said hello in Korean when I greeted their curious glances with my own cheery hello.

If these have whetted your appetite for more on South Korea, have a look at my other blog page –  http://underborrowedskies.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/south-korea-outside-art-exhibition

I’m still working on ways to help this hospital fund worthy cases and today my idea moved forward a little further… drop on by tomorrow, I may have news….In the meantime….. enjoy a little sing song with Psy!  ( Mind you don’t fall over now!) Take a look at the inside of the coach- they really are like that!