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Today is Friday! Tomorrow Steve will be here, I have so missed him! He’s such good company and we make a good team.

As yesterday was fairly quiet, I decided to do a little further trawling to see what’s out there in the world of blood and stem cell research.

It really does seem that they are the elixir of life, as most of the 3000 + research items I came across are focussed on 3 areas-

  • Curing cancers,
  • Restoring conditions linked to damaged systems getting older – Diabetes, COPD, MS, Arthritis, Parkinson’s etc and,
  • Regenerative medicine.

Take a look….

The latter is a multidisciplinary approach to treating diseases and disorders by enabling the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissues and organs….

A new report on stem cell research looks at the speed of growth of research compared to other subjects and states that there is continuous discussion around ethics and regulations, with each nation taking its own policy position.

Most interestingly, the subject matter of this one is where Dr Shim’s speciality, vascular issues, led him to where he finds himself now. Combination stem cell therapy for the treatment of severe leg Ischemia

And most frustratingly- this one from 2010, which didn’t publish any results…breast cancer- related Lymphedema:women

At lunch time, Dr Shim had a fleeting visit from a very famous Japanese stem cell pioneer, who claims a 17% success rate in curing cancers using dendrites. His name is Hiroyuke Abe and is a visiting Professor at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA.

I was introduced to him and he gave me his card with his webpage and blog page addresses on, if you want to take a look at these. He has written a book on his methods, but of course, I can’t read Japanese.

Dr Shim also showed me his method of extracting stem cells  and the magic machine that processes, cleanses and prepares them for use back in the body- clever stuff!

But I sorely need to see an ex- patient- out of the 28 that have allegedly been cured…..more than anything.

I don’t think there is any time left now to organise this, as tomorrow, Dr Shim is on Korean TV, talking about his varicose vein stripping technique ( which is really clever and I have met happy patients!) and Lymphodema and Stem Cell Therapy.

Then, in the afternoon, he is expecting a visit from my beautiful actress/artist friend, Kim HyeJin, who is hopefully going to work with him on raising some money for the operations needed by the previously mentioned boy.

On Sunday, its time for home….

So – to conclude today – The holy grail – stem cell therapy……..??

There’s a lot of it about- but the evidence I need is still quite elusive……

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