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Today is my last full day at Yonsei S Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul.

Reflecting back over the last few days, I have to say I have had the best treatment I’ve ever experienced in the hospital environment and met some wonderful characters.

The staff have all played a part in that statement, from the dietician, choosing me some tasty and healthy restorative meals; the cheery ladies who cook them and bring them to me, who worried about me when I didn’t eat them all up; the friendly faces up in the physiotherapy rooms: the deft surgeons and theatre staff, whose skills allowed me to make a fast recovery; to Tuya, whose Mongolian sense of humour matched my English one, so we had many giggles; to the enduring care and empathy of all the beautiful nurses. They are all so lovely and easy to have fun with, especially when our translator apps made no sense whatsoever!

To the ajjima, thank you for keeping my bathroom so clean after I throw talcum powder in the floor every morning! – but most of all, Dr and Mrs Shim, for my get well gift of fruit, all of your caring attention to me, making me feel comfortable and cosseted in a strange city, all on my own.

Only I wasn’t on my own- I have all of these people as my new friends in Seoul! Thank you.