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My Lymph Node Transplant

Anyone who has an illness or health issue, with no apparent cure, is very vulnerable to treatments such as stem cells that have not been proven and which could in fact be dangerous. Those of us with Lymphedema fall into that category. There is some confusion around this treatment and I was very glad to find this website which has clear easily understood explanations of what is happening with Stem Cells… Also how to identify medical centres promoting unproven treatments…although referring to Australia this information forms a basis for all other countries.

National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia

Features of unproven stem cell treatments….. 

Unproven stem cell treatments are those where doctors offer to treat patients without first properly evaluating the proposed treatment, effectively circumventing the clinical trial process.

Unlike the careful pace of legitimate preclinical and clinical stem cell research (as explained above), the doctors offering unproven stem…

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