In a previous post, I told you about the 26 year old boy who suffers from terrible arterial venous malformations in his right leg, resulting in thick, blackened flesh, weighed down with Lymphodema.

He needs four operations. He’s had two whilst I was in hospital with him and he needs 2 more. Dr Shim has covered the first two, but some bills are unavoidable. Money was needed before he could have the third in a months time..

I wrote to my friend Kim Hye Jin, a talented artist and famous actress, beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

I asked her if she could help in some way to raise awareness. She already supports two girls and has done for about 10 years. However, with her contacts, knowledge and experience of charitable work, she offered to visit and discuss what ideas she had to help this boy be free from the disfiguring limb.

Thank you, Hyejin- you are a guardian angel…

Dr Shim gathered his family and Tuya helped translate between HyeJin, Steve and I.

Ideas were swopped and shared and a plan was born. As this progresses, I will keep you updated as they update me.

It was such a fruitful meeting, Dr Shim took us all out to celebrate the formation of a new charitable project to help the poor access medical interventions that they wouldn’t be able to afford.

We had a wonderful evening, full of hope and promise for a better 2014 for a few more sick people.