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I left the hospital having made some lovely new friends, despite the language barrier. They looked after me so well!


We gave them some English chocolates to share and Tuya gave me this amazing painted leather souvenir from Mongolia.Its already up in our apartment. Mongolia sounds like a cool place… try minus 45 degrees cool in winter!

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I have been home for 24 hours and what a lovely feeling that is, to be on the road to recovery in my own bed, with my dogs and wonderful friends to support me. The dogs went crazy with delight when I first saw them!

An English friend took the dogs for an hours walk this morning, which gave me time to change my dressings and shower. I still have half my stitches in, they are due to be removed on Thursday.

My Korean friend came round for a doggy play date and they all had lots of fun, chasing around.

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My English girlfriends took me to lunch, so we could catch up and I could hear about the Christmas party I had missed on Saturday night.

After a little sleep, I met another couple’s new baby girl who had been born the day of my operation in Seoul and took her some parcels.

Then the dogs had another play date in the building, so they had caught up with all of their buddies and so had I.

Dr Shim made contact to see if I was ok and all is well. I don’t weigh any less than when I went in, but the compression garments are doing their job, my legs do look slimmer and are much more comfortable.

Here’s  wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2014, as this will be my last page until I have attended my first follow up treatment in a month’s time.

I hope Dr Shim will have an ex patient for me to meet that day, who can tell me they no longer feel the need to wear compression garments as they have been cured…..