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It’s a beautiful morning here in South Korea, the sun is rising and reflecting the light on the river and the buildings.

As I sit here doing my own reflecting on the last 8 weeks, I can tell you that there has been a little more weight loss, a total of 3.5 kg since the operation, which feels much better!

The legs look slimmer on my thighs in the compression garments, and I have actually been able to wear some of the jeans that I brought out with me from the UK a year ago. These are loose on the thigh area, but still fill the material in my calves, where the Lymphodema is.

So, the Liposuction/Lymphosuction side of the operation is definitely successful!

Physically I feel recovered from the operation and can now walk comfortably for as long as I want, usually between 10 and 12 km a day. I have managed to swim 3 times a week for the 2 weeks since the last update, but the pool pump is broken again, so no access this week, which is most frustrating.

Climbing the stairs instead of the lift is exhausting. I can do 6 flights in one go, but if I do this at least 3 times a day, I have still achieved getting to our apartment by stairs each day.

The waiting game for the stem cell therapy continues. When the compression garments are off, I can still see and feel the areas where the Lymphoedema is present, but it does feel very soft and pliable.

Our train tickets for my next consultation in Seoul are booked, for February 7th. I will catch up with you again after then, as I really hope I will have met someone who’s Lymphodema is totally gone and they no longer wear compression garments, or at least have an email address for them to make contact.

Take care and keep well, everyone. In the meantime, there are new findings on Abnormal chromosome repair  and there should be around 200 industry sponsored clinical trial results available this year using adult stem cells.

These include

Pfizer Ph 2 for ulcerative colitis

Athersys PH2 for Ischemic stroke

Neostem Ph2 for myocardial infarction

and there is new regenerative medicine legislation coming to the fore from Japan. I will share the articles once I have any further information ( Source:- Stem cell assays 18/1/14)