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Have I been cured of Lymphodema?

Nope…no.no.no….nada…..anneyo. If you are looking for a cure don’t rush over here yet, folks, wait a little longer, because although it’s not worked for me, there’s more to the exciting stem cell story…

After attempting to wear capri pant length compression garments for one day, whilst we had visitors, I was in agony. Too much sitting and not enough walking meant my legs swelled, I couldn’t settle and I had to resort to bandaging and trying different ideas to get the fluid back out of my foot and ankle.

Anyway- I tried to make it look pretty..!photo 2 (2)


My parcel of Level 3 compression garments from a supply company in the USA were held up in customs…originally thought to be lost, but once I got someone to help me through the language barrier, things became clearer. Apparently I should get them soon.

But – clearly, the stem cells haven’t worked in one session. I’m sitting here typing and I need to elevate my leg- gravity is pushing that fluid down, down, down…

How disappointing! How frustrating! So near and yet so far….yet- in theory, they should have taken…..

These links show clinical trials in adipose stem cells beginning to happen for other degenerative diseases.

And this one, showing that heart cells are being regrown as a reality…although they are not the same as my simple adipose stem cells, the possibilities of repairs are here.

This link shows that utilising a medium to hold them in place would be a step progression, rather than them being too quick to leave the area that needs fixing…I personally wonder if this is the missing element to success…

So, people looking for a cure for Lymphodema, please be patient… it’s coming, I’m sure… its just not here yet.

In terms of what the other changes have been with regard to conventional Liposuction treatments- here’s a picture of my legs at April 2013…the lymph fluid in my calves makes them look larger than my thighs. Then, menopausal hormones, and very hot weather set off the Lipodema..

photo (88)

Here’s the shape change that happened in a matter of weeks… the thighs and backside and upper arms have ballooned…classic Lipodemic shape!

3009 - Copy

And finally, the latest photo I have of myself.


You can’t deny the Liposuction has worked so well for me! However, you can see the area over my left knee, which needs a tidy up. The Lipodemic fat is also returning back up at the top and inside of the thighs and the ankles. This is because not all was removed in one go, as Dr Shim had reached the safe limit- any more and my health could have been at risk. I have compression tights on and still cannot manage without them. The insurance company won’t pay for the final operation, despite me explaining how a series of operations are usually carried out in Europe.

I have my next appointment with Dr Shim on Saturday and I will chat things through with him. But, just right now, I’m sitting tight and taking my time before making any major decisions… and maybe – just maybe- I will have to consider this..


But sometimes things can look different with a few tweaks – and time… never give up…the sun hasn’t gone down on me yet!

photo (393)