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Well, it is now one year since the start of this diary. This will be the last entry, as there is little more to tell you, I’m afraid.

I have given the stem cells one year to work some magic and in theory, they should have rebuilt some lymph vessels for me, if not all. I don’t know who is more disappointed, me or Dr Shim! He is a very compassionate man and has helped many people who are suffering venous leg ulcers and prevented amputations by applying his knowledge to their illnesses and injuries

My injury was just that- an injury- not a catastrophic failure of my lymphatic system. In theory, then- a small area to repair. It didn’t materialise, and maybe I should organise a top up with Dr Shim, but there are no further ‘repaired’ people to see, to report on, to feel convinced that the method is effective.

So- any regrets? No, not at all! I am happy with where I am today.

better to know

The water assisted liposuction/lymphosuction (WAL) has reduced the volume of my legs; the compression and my health regime are maintaining the reduction until something better comes along.

The weight increase has stabilised, but I’m still fighting hard to lose some of those extra summer pounds.

I have organised a compression foot sock from Juzo- its on its way soon. It will help those fat sausage toes and swollen ankle, I’m sure.

I am a member of some Lymphodema/Lipodema groups and those that have had the WAL in Germany state that the Lipodemic fat has not returned and they describe the cannula movement (they were awake and watched!) was like a violin being played, gentle and flowing. They had no drains and the operations were carried out in stages with a couple of weeks between each leg. They are told that the improvements in their limbs will peak around 12-18 months and that the diseased fat will not return.

Some of those Facebook buddies are going to Germany to interview the doctors to gather more information and interview previous patients.

Other methods are building in momentum around the world and in the UK. Lymph node transplants and vein anastomosis are all options- but nothing is providing a cure – yet. They are, however, becoming available on the NHS, if people can fulfil the funding criteria.

Its so frustrating that the world of medicine hasn’t got to grips with this debilitating condition, but in the 1920’s, the idea of specialising in an area of ill health took doctors away from treating the body as a whole and now they only see a part of it- not the big picture.

I still think stem cells are the way ahead for so many things… even Rafael Nadal, the tennis ace has had some to help his injured back…but as a pioneer, I am sad to report that they haven’t worked for me.

Maybe there is something new in here…

But the lack of significant progress when big money is thrown at research is very frustrating- why? Why is there such little progress?

There has also been some discussion on the effectiveness of this as a pain relief… a little controversial, but if it is prescribed, then its perfectly legal.

So at this point, I leave you all to continue on your journeys through the hurdles life throws your way- just promise me you will keep on getting up and carrying on- because the alternative will be here soon enough. May your God go with you.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to follow progress,  or to send messages of support and encouragement. If you’ve just come across the blog, I hope it has been of use to you.  I wish you all good luck in your quest to find something that works for you- never give up and most importantly – stay strong, safe and well, in body and mind.