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It’s been 12 days since my stem cell top up, with adipose tissue removed from the tops of my arms for collection of 50 million stem cells for placement in my lymphatic calves.
My stitches need to come out, they are pulling tightly but the bruises are faded to a delicate shade of acid green.
I am travelling up to Seoul tonight for an appointment with Dr Shim on Monday, but tonight I will be meeting the third western lady to have the stem cell treatment, Evelyn.
I will check with her how much information I can put on here, but I am hoping we can share her progress, too.
So, my legs are looking really neat and my arms are nicely reduced. I am wearing compression level 2 tights and wrapping my arms at night in good quality bandages. They are very comfortable and reassuring to wear.
I have got back to walking 10-12km a day and at night, if I’ve been sitting too long, I have to move to the floor and do some leg exercises, with a tiny pilates ball resting in the small of my back to protect my spine. By lifting and lowering my legs, I get the added bonus of tightening up my stomach muscles too.
I will report back after my Monday appointment with Dr Shim and a special evening meeting my email buddy in the flesh.