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Monday has passed and my stitches are gone, too. My husband reports that my ankles are looking a little trimmer than before and on inspection, Dr Shim is very happy with the outcome of his work. So am I!

But the highlight of the weekend was meeting Evelyn and her charming husband. They are a lovely couple who have travelled over from New York to address Evelyn’s lymphatemous leg, which has been the result of surgery and a kidney transplant, in 2003.

We went for supper to a delicious Korean beef barbeque and chatted over the coming events and learned much more about each other, face to face instead of via email.


Evelyn told me that she was suffering from low back pain and struggled to walk with a leg that was far too large and heavy for the rest of her tiny frame. It’s easy to see that any lymphatic tissue reduction is going to alleviate that problem, as well as maybe allowing her the pleasure of wearing pretty dresses again and not having to search for shoes in odd sizes.

Evelyn has been keeping a mini diary, which she has allowed me to share with you, so here it is up to the point of the night before surgery:-

Nov. 5 – Arrived in Seoul from NY, at 4:25 p.m, with husband Bobby Alvir

Nov. 6 – Met Dr Young Ki Shim for a two/hour intro. The good doctor explained the procedure, while delving into my whole health history.  This was followed by pre-operative exams from vital stats, EKG, blood and urine tests.  I met one of Dr Shim’s patient’s, who had the procedure a year ago. The Korean lady had real normal looking legs now.  My husband and I were so impressed.

Nov. 7 – 9 Stayed at the Inn the City-Serviced Residences which was around 200 feet away from Yonsei S. Hospital. We took two sightseeing tours but it was an all-rain weekend.

Nov. 8 – Rained in.  Awaited Valerie’s arrival at 6:30pm then we all went to a Korean barbecue restaurant.

Nov. 9 – Spent a great time with Val, a little sightseeing, a little shopping and lunch.

Admitted to Yonsei S at 3 pm.

Had a large tray of Korean food: tiny dishes of veggies, a piece of stewed fish, a big bowl of chicken and rice soup with a large chicken breast and ribboned egg, wild sticky rice, a soupy curry dish and salad.  Vitals were taken plus a skin allergen test.

Given a cup of sweet lemon-ginger mix then another one that tasted like Coke. The nurse shook her head when I asked ”- Coca cola?” Val thinks it’s a ginseng based sweet drink, full of healthy nutrients.

Evelyn and I stayed in text and email contact this morning and I can tell you that the operation has successfully been completed and Evelyn can update you in her own words in a couple of days!