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It’s almost a month since the last post, you must be wondering how Evelyn is doing.

She is good! She still has some sore areas on her thigh and foot where an infection entered the iv points, but they are slowly improving.

evelyn 1 month 3

Her leg is also adjusting to its reduced size and she still has some pain on walking that was there before the operation. It was a possibility that this was caused by her gait and corrective walking to deal with the extra weight of the leg.

Let’s hope that it improves for her soon!

My additional stem cell work has caused my legs to feel so much more comfortable. I have stopped wrapping with bandages at night now.

When I am wearing compression, it’s as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with my legs. I even caught myself crossing them and had to undo them! Normally, I would feel the lymph flow being interrupted and there was nothing like this.

I used to dread meals out or a night of socialising, as after 2 hours or so, I had to move, as I was so uncomfortable. I would have to walk, or just jiggle my legs under the table and fidget until it was time to go.

Now I seem to be able to last a lot longer before that horrible, heavy feeling starts.

When I choose to sleep at night with no compression, however, I lay on my side with my knees together and they hurt. I sometimes wake and feel that I done some damage, taken a backward step. The point where they meet is the point where they were originally damaged by the surgeon.

When I stand up and walk, it feels as if the area of Lymph sodden flesh is a much smaller area, but it’s kind of more ball shaped, than seeping down inside my leg. Does that make sense? It’s a little hard to describe, so maybe I should say it feels like a smaller area, with greater pressure than before. But nothing is dropping down into my foot…

I have no proof, of course, without a lymphoscintigram or equivalent test and it could be psychological, I agree. But- overall, things feel much, much better.

In my opinion, I think with this kind of perceived progress, at this point in time, I would need another top up to ‘finish the job’ but I cannot be sure…..I am not a medical person, I just know what I can feel..

So,  here’s some great news for those who are waiting for the medical world to make some real progress on finding a cure for lipoedema and lymphoedema…. a huge start to allowing the current experts move things along for us!

Finally- I hope you all enjoy the seasonal holidays and may your God keep you safe and well.

Catch you in 2016!