Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2016 brings you better health, peace and happiness.

This is just a little update on Evelyn’s progress after her surgery at the end of October last year.

She has lost a significant amount of weight and now needs some off the peg compression garments to support her much reduced leg, as the bandages keep slipping.

This means she can finally wear skirts and dresses again if she chooses to.

She says she has some strange twinges in her legs, which could be nerve pain from her back problem, so Dr Shim has advised her to seek help from her neurologist.

I have nothing but admiration for this courageous and determined lady, she is awesome!

evelyn 1 month 3

Christmas has halted progress on my legs…. Lipodema means that whatever you eat, weight goes on at a huge rate and so traditional home made fayre, like mince pies, Christmas cake, chocolates and sausage rolls, in just one week- resulted in a 7lb gain.

And don’t I know it….. The sugar and carbohydrates have caused pains in my legs, they have swollen up along with the rest of my lower half and my compression tights are- tight!

The clean food eating recommenced on the 2nd January and its coming off, thank goodness! Interestingly, I can now sit for 3-4 hours without having to move due to pain and discomfort, instead of a maximum of 2 hours. Progress indeed!

Dr Shim is ready to share his knowledge with other surgeons around the world.

In 2016, He is attending these 2 events….if you live close by- go and introduce yourself!