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Happy Lunar New Year to you!

Not much goes on here at this celebration that westerners get to see. It’s more about families getting together and visiting the ancestors to share food with them.

Children get to dress up in traditional clothing, too.

Here’s a burial mound with some fruit left for the occupant to ‘enjoy’ and our dog was a source of curiosity to small people, as usual. We also were given some tasty rice cakes to try.


It’s now 3 months since Evelyn’s remarkable transformation commenced.

She reports feeling well and the pains are subsiding in her legs, which is great news. She is now ready for some more manageable compression garments and is busy sourcing these.

However, the top of her thighs are a little swollen, and she is looking for something that will address these before they become a problem.

After liposuction, support garments are a lifeline to maintaining the good work that has reduced a limb back to normal size. No-one wants to pay and then lose the advantage. Here’s an article stating why these garments are so necessary.


The whole purpose of my operation here in South Korea was to find a cure that meant I no longer needed to wear compression…. Its miserable on a hot day and not being able to wear a pretty pair of sandals and show off some nice nail varnish may sound quite shallow when there are so many nasty illnesses out there.. but sometimes the small things matter the most.

I feel a considerable improvement after my first top up and really wish that I could have a second, which would make 3 treatments in all, but time is running out fast before I finally leave the shores of South Korea. Who knows? That final top up may have completed the missing connections needed to prevent lymph fluid escaping into my calf.

I thought I would check out some options in the UK that may be available to me and came across 2 possibles. The first one is 30 miles from my home town:-



and this one;-



This above is a 3 year old newspaper article about the success for a patient.

Remember, I am looking for a full repair of this condition, that is, the freedom from wearing compression garments. Now Dr Shim has got me to the point of as little stray lymph fluid as possible, and as I can’t fit in a third top up, what else could make this happen?

I hope to further investigate these options to see what guarantees they can give me. I have my doubts as to whether they can help take me to that final place, as Dr Shim and his stem cell therapy has done such a good job so far, plus this statement is made in the article from 3 years ago.

“This technique won’t cure very bad Lymphoedema, but we can reduce the complications, make the limb feel softer, and reduce the swelling.”

Stem cell treatments continue to collect bad press in the USA, due to the inconsistent regulation. Paul Knoepfler’s informative blog puts his finger on the issues..


Dr Shim is concerned about those doctors who are tainting the positive effects of stem cells with their poor and untrained practices. He is visiting 2 worldwide conferences this year to try to see what is going wrong and to talk to doctors who can be trusted and are qualified.

His advice to you before going ahead with any surgery for Lymphedema, check if your chosen surgeon is ( these are his personal opinions) a successful lymphedema surgeon and can show you evidence that they:-

  1. Can do microlymphatic surgery for the reconstructive lymph operation
  2. Should know the hemodynamics and can do vascular surgery…. vascular pressure is much higher than lymphatic pressure
  3. Understand that vascular anomaly or venous hypertension should be corrected before lymphatic surgery.

These conditions means your doctor should be well trained specialist in plastic surgery and vascular surgery.

He is not interested in damaging his reputation by meeting those that don’t fit this criteria.

He is in regular contact with Dr. Brorson from the Lymphedema field and keeps in touch with an expert stem cell researcher in Harvard medical school and the former president of IFATS in the stem cell field.




I found this following useful article on identifying latent lymphoedema, that is, spotting early signs of early Lymphedema before it manifests itself. This means you can take a little better care of yourself to prevent making it worse.


I hope you find some of this information useful and I will try to write one more time with Dr Shim and Evelyn’s updates before I leave South Korea ( unless North Korea see me off first!)