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What an exciting surprise!

I was so pessimistic about the damage I thought I had done post the early days of the LVA procedure at Oxford Lymphodema Clinic, I was expecting them to say there was no tangible reduction in my calves, so imagine my joy when they said they were pleased with a recordable volume reduction!

110ml less in one leg and 115ml in the other doesn’t sound much after the litres removed by Dr Shim, but remember, these are microscopic lymph sized vessels attached to blood vessels of similar capacity- and they are working.

Which means that its not a one off, they should continue to assist with flow, as long as the lymphatic sludge doesn’t block them…

I cannot thank these surgeons enough for even trying for me, because if they hadn’t, I would always have been thinking that I hadn’t done enough to try to stop the slow continued decline and a bleak view of the future. Even if they had been unsuccessful, they would have tried for me…

They’ve given me some precious hope back and some essential comfort that I’ve done everything I can to hold things at bay at this stage.

I had treated myself to some purple coloured compression tights and wore my old Jimmy Choo flat slip ons ( yes, they fit again!) and felt much happier about my image since the op.

I still need compression, but I can feel that there is a greater pressure in the calf area, (its not dropping so fast into my ankles ) so Professor Furness showed me how to amend my manual lymphatic drainage techniques to push towards the scar areas, instead of away from them.


Meanwhile… on the other side of the world……

You may recall I promised I would find out a little more about Dr Shims SSQD technique, which is aimed at removing the previously mentioned lymphatic sludge. It has a lot to be responsible for..

It causes proteins and waste to collect in tissues, namely the extremities to start with and causes fibrosis. Skin thickens and this can cause it to crack open and cause infections. It can get to an irreversible stage.

So, please take a look at Dr Shim’s SSQD solution to this, which if you recall, he used on the lady called Gayle. She is featured in this utube video.

Here is a list of the advantages of SSQD invented by Young Ki Shim. M.D. Seoul. Korea

  1. The removal and drainage of stagnated thick protein in subcutaneous (SQ) tissue (lymph sludge) by insertion of Dr. Shim’s SSQD cannula, to prevent and minimize permanent fibrosis of the tissue.
  2. SSQD relieves high interstitial hydrostatic pressure, therefore enhancing circulation and improving the motility/performance of lymph vessel peristalsis.
  3. Minimal risk of infection, which can be mitigated with pre-op and post -op antibiotics.
  4. Significant quantities of SQ fluid can be drained with an average volume in stage 3 lymphedema over a 1 week period of up to several liters.
  5. Patient limb volume is reduced at a steadier rate than lymph/liposuction techniques, with minimal damage to remaining lymphatics, less blood loss and damage to blood vessels (bruising) with less pain during post op recovery period and overall shorter recovery period.
  6. Administered under local anaesthesia, so less post op risks
  7. Hospital admission is 3~10 days according to the severity of lymphedema
  8. Cheaper than lipo/lymphosuction operation
  9. Patient is awake and can choose to observe the relatively simple procedure via the sonogram
  10. Combination therapy with the injection of proteolytic drug will increase reduction.
  11. After SSQD, the wrapping of limbs with elastic bandages is easier, due to reduced limb size. Reduction is also perpetuated once wrapping is established.
  12. Enhanced quality of life due to improvement of limb, less heavy, easier to buy clothes and shoes
  13. Less pain due to reduced swelling.

I’m sure Gayle will report more improvements over the next few weeks and I will endeavour to keep you updated.

In the meantime, here’s wishing all my Korean friends and contacts a very

Happy Chuseok!