You may recall I had asked the above clinic to provide me with some data and statistics on their Lymphaticovenous Anastomosis ( LVA) procedure and here they are:-

  • Since the first LVA in 2012, they have helped around 85 patients with Lymphoedema.
  • 60% of those were leg patients, 40% are arms. This is not what was anticipated- it was expected that treating arms after breast cancer would have been more common.
  • 90% of all cases are for Secondary Lymphoedema  after cancer treatment.
  • This is not a cure- the average improvement rate of symptoms is between 25-45% for 85% of all patients.
  • For arms, there is an average reduction of 30%.
  • For legs, there is an average reduction of 44%.

It is important to note that these are patients who are on maximum conservative treatment in a condition that is chronically progressive ( i.e. They are expected to slowly worsen without surgery, but show improvements with surgery)

Improvements in quality of life after the procedures has been measured as 12% for arm patients and 26% in leg patients. These are remarkable improvements that affect how people manage their daily lives.

These improvements include:-

  • Clothes fit better
  • Nicer shoes can be worn ( Velcro free!)
  • Lower levels of compression garments can be worn
  • In the upper limb, 7/27 patients have stopped wearing their compression garments at all and consider themselves cured of their Lymphoedema.

If you want to know more about this clinic, check out their website……