36 weeks follow up- One step forward – 2 feet wider..

Well, I was too hasty to get those compression garments off! We have to wear them for a reason and I tried to manage without them a little too long… the fluid soon dropped back into my foot. Plus, a few nights of good sleep and reduced foot swelling with just bandages up to my calves seduced me to go without them for a little too long- swimming at the outdoor pool hasn’t made any difference, and I had to stop climbing the stairs in our apartment as its just too hot. And now I am paying the price…

The Korean shorts I bought in May (size xxl= UK size 12!) are now too small to fit. The wet suit I ambitiously bought to protect my legs when swimming in the sea on holiday next week – too small.

I sighed heavily as I reluctantly took them out of my half packed case and put them to one side. Maybe after the summer, I will get back in them.

So, I am working hard to try to reduce the swelling back down.  The Jobst level 3 compression tights my lovely GP sent me are totally the wrong fit and have given me corns very quickly. My brand new Mediven replacement compression tights arrived, but they are only compression level 2. It doesn’t take much to upset the equilibrium, does it?!

So, how to squeeze that fluid back out of my toes and ankle and keep it up and away..? Knee highs on top of the level 2 tights doesn’t help at all

So- I tried this! Freshly dyed bandages on top of level 2 tights. I’m fine in the apartment with the air conditioning on, but don’t worry, I’ll make myself more presentable before going out- or people will think I’ve lost the plot completely! It was fun and distracting to dye the bandages and wear a pretty brooch instead of safety pin- even if I daren’t go outside!

I was going to report back on the supplements I was experimenting with:-

  • Bamboo tea- hmm- no change, gave up after 3 weeks.
  • Acai berries – effective at relaxing vessels- made my nose bleed more easily- which I’m prone to!
  • Butcher’s broom – starting those tomorrow, now I have had a clear week free of the others.

And back to my favourite subject- stem cell therapies, where there is:-

  • Good news on tissue regeneration,
  • Good news on muscle regeneration
  • Good news on finding the elusive gene to make stem cells work at becoming any kind of cell needed.
  • Good reports from a Korean stem cell company:- Pharmicell, a Korean stem cell biotech, received the first approval of KFDA for stem cell therapeutics for commercial use in 2011. Pharmicell has been in the spotlight of biotech investors with its Hearticellgram® ever since. Ki-Chul Hwang, Professor at Yonsei Cardiovascular Research Institute, has dedicated much of his research career on adult stem cells and the application of mesenchymal stem cells with enhanced functions.
  • In addition, I was contacted by a fellow sufferer, who passed me this useful piece of information on cell therapy in Cuba
  • as well as some background information on the researcher, Dr Polo and his methods and findings.
– mixed with:-

Well, it’s time to finish packing for our holiday, so I will report back when I next attend my appointment with Dr Shim, which will be towards the end of September.

Enjoy your summer!


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