Bio: This diary is about my experience of the coming days and months as I undergo a new kind of treatment for Lymphodema in South Korea. It is a combination of Liposuction and Lymphosuction, to clear the site where my lymphatic system has been damaged after some surgery, followed by intravenous stem cell therapy. The stem cells are from my own body. I hope this diary will be of use to all those people like me, who are sufferers of this miserable condition, either born with it, or its appeared after cancer surgery or some kind of trauma to their bodies. Those who have this condition are generally diagnosed late and then sent away to get on with life, with only self care advice which comprises elevation, mild exercise, manual lymphatic drainage and either compression stockings or bandages, with the occasional pneumatic pump if it is available. New ideas are coming forward, but they are expensive and very experimental. These are lymph node transplants, attaching the damaged lymph vessel to a vein, or the one I'm about to try, explained above. Wish me luck.. I'm looking for a 100 % cure- which to me, is no more compression garments within 12 months, because there is no more fluid retention.....

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11 thoughts on “About”

  1. i wish you the very best of luck and every success xxx

  2. i wish you the best of luck ,finding a cure would change so many ppls lives,you are brave to help this way xx

  3. Jill Cummings said:

    This is fantastic news for you. If it works, I would do it in a heartbeat. Not sure of the expense. Do you have pictures of where you suffer Lymphedema? Excited to follow your journey!

    • Thank you, Jill.
      I’m not brave enough to put pictures on yet, but once I have significant results, then maybe…!
      The problems are in both my legs, especially below the knee.

  4. Lorna Wales said:

    Hope all goes well with this. Will be watching with interest. Lorna

    • are you having the procedure in one or both legs? good luck to you and thanks for sharing!

      • Val Molendo said:

        Yes, it’s in both legs, along with some horrible hard fibrotic tissue in my knee that made walking so uncomfortable. Thank you for your interest, things are going so well!

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  5. Dawn Carlson said:

    I commend you on your search for relief from this condition. I am so excited to here about the your journey. My left leg just keeps getting worse. I would love to get rid of the pain and wear shoes. I miss wearing shoes n boots. Teva’s with wool socks just doesn’t cut it. I am anxiously awaiting more info from you. Good luck and Gods’ Speed to you..

    • Thank you, Dawn. At the end of the day, we just all want it to go away- somehow and soon!
      I’m lucky to be here to have the opportunity, and of course it will still take up 12 months- but if I don’t try… none of us will ever know…
      I know what you mean about boots and shoes….they’re all so pretty and all so out of reach….
      Can I ask ‘why wool socks’? Don’t they make your feet hot? My sister likes the 100% cotton ones…

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